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How do I choose my work experience?

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Your work experience will be organised by the GWEx team (Guernsey Work Experience) who are based at Careers Guernsey.

KUDOS This link opens in a new browser windowHow do I decide what to do?

You can use KUDOS to help you check your interests and subjects and which job ideas might suit you.

Use your log-in you were given by your Careers Teacher to use KUDOS.

You can also use the A-Z links on this page to help you find out more about different career ideas. Ask your Careers Teacher for the E-Clips A-Z log-in.

The Guide to job sectors and job titles for work experience on this page will also help you find out more about jobs in the sectors that interest you.
pdf icon Guide to job sectors and job titles [259kb]

How will you choose Work Experience?

You will choose your Work Experience placement during your school Careers lessons, usually with support from your Careers Teacher.
Use the Placements by Job Title section on this page to help you find out more about the jobs you might want to do for work experience.

Complete a selection form

You will complete a selection form at school and you will normally choose up to 4 placements. You will fill in the subjects you are studying and the reasons why you have made your choices and your career ideas. Your tutor is also asked to comment on areas such as your IT Skills, Maturity, Team Working, Communication Skills as this helps place you with the right employer.

What happens next?

Once you have completed and signed your form, this will be sent to the GWEx (Guernsey Work Experience) staff at Careers Guernsey so that they can contact employers linked with your choices, to find a placement for you.

Once a placement is confirmed, you will receive a Student Pack at school which includes a job description, and health and safety information. Your parents have to sign the Parent Agreement form in this pack and return it to the school before your placement starts.

Before the placement starts

You need to read the job description in your Student Pack and check:

  • Do you need to arrange an interview with the employer before you start? Most employers will like to meet you before the first day and it is helpful for you to find out where you need to go.
  • Do you need to pick up any steel toe capped safety boots from the GWEx office before your placement? If you need safety boots, it will say in the job description under the health and safety. You can borrow safety boots by paying a £10 deposit which will be given back once you have returned your boots and the placement has finished.
  • Work out your transport to get there on time and how to get home at the end of the day.

Enjoy your placement!  

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