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2022 Undergraduate Summer Internship


As part of a high performing team you will be working with our clients and we will team you up with people who started their careers off just like you. Impress us, and you could start the process to secure yourself a graduate contract.

Focussing on communication, team building, networking and learning about what we do, and what is important to people at EY is all part of your commitment to the Internship.  Joining us as part of a cohort is never quite as daunting as joining on your own so having other individuals on the programme who you can work with, give each other encouragement and celebrate success with is key.

Skills Required

·       A-Levels/Highers or equivalent

·       Studying towards a degree

·       Local to the Channel Islands or a close family connection to the Islands

Pay Range

4 Weeks paid

To Apply

Email ahorgan@uk.ey.com

Closing Date

31st May 2022

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