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What jobs can school leavers do?

Although most Yr 11 students decide to continue with their education after leaving school, there are students who will be going out to work so it is helpful for you to know what sort of jobs you might be able to do as a Year 11 leaver.

Retail, Manufacturing, Horticulture, Catering, Construction are all areas of work that Year 11 school leavers have entered. 

What skills do employers look for?

Have a look at the pdf icon Top 5 Employability Skills [374kb] that employers ask for. These are the skills that employers want, no matter what job you do.

Employers may also ask for specific technical skills for a particular job so make sure you read a job vacancy carefully so that you know what an employer is looking for.

What is the minimum wage for young people?

Under Guernsey law workers have to be paid a minimum wage. There are different rates depending what age you are. Minimum Wage Information

What documents do I need to sort out before I start work?

Every person working in Guernsey, either for themselves or for an employer, must be eligible to work in Guernsey. You can check if you need to sort any Certificates of Permits (previously known as the 'Right to Work') by using the quick check survey at Population Management

You will also need to give your employer your Social Insurance card number. Social Insurance cards are blue and most people already have a card but if you are new to the island or returning to the island, you will need to register with Social Security. Money is taken out of your wages for social insurance to cover you for specialist medical care, unemployment and sickness benefits, old age and pensions.

You will need an Income Tax code to give to your employer. You will pay tax (20p for every £1 you earn) and this helps the States of Guernsey pay for maintaining essential services such as re-building of schools, maintenance of roads, changing the airport runway, developing health services etc. There are allowances you can get which reduces the amount of tax you pay.

If you have just left school, there is a school leaver form for you to complete. Once you start paying tax, you will have to complete an Income Tax form each year to help work out how much tax you should be paying. There is a helpful guide for students to explain more about what you need to do if you are working as a full time student still. 

How do I apply for jobs?

The usual ways to apply for jobs include

  • application form
  • on-line application
  • letter and a CV
  • telephone or email
  • social media 

There may be vacancies advertised that you want to apply for or you may want to contact companies on the off chance they may have a vacancy. Have a look in our Job Vacancies section to find out more about vacancies and how to apply.

You may also want to use social media as a tool in your job search and the below resource provides some useful tips. Many opportunities are now advertised on a company's social media channels so make sure you follow or like any companies on social media that you are interested in to keep up to date. You will also need to consider what is on your own social media profiles if you are starting to follow companies on social media! Use some of the tips here Using social media to job search

Getting a part time job whilst I am still at school

Some students are keen to find a part time job, usually on Saturdays. It can be difficult to find a part time job as some employers will only take 16 yr olds or older. You will still need to get the same documents as if you were starting a full time job so have a look in the 'What documents do I need' section on this page. There is a helpful guide for students to explain more about what you need to do if you want to work part time whilst you are still a student. 

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