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I want to find out more about going to university in the future

Going to university - finding out more

Even though you are in Year 10 or Year 11, you may already have an interest in finding out more about higher education for the future. We have provided answers to the following questions to help you find out more.

Parents guide to university

How many Guernsey students are at university?

There are about 700 Guernsey students studying at university.

What is the cost of going to university for Guernsey students? 

The cost of going to university will depend on which course you choose.

Student Finance is available based on an assessment of income and there are also Bursaries offered by local employers and organisations What help can I get with study costs?


Is it possible to study in Guernsey rather than go to university in the UK?

Yes, you can study higher education in Guernsey although we do not have a university here.

Open University
Open College of the Arts
The Guernsey Institute (Guernsey College of Further Education, The GTA University Centre, the Institute of Health and Social Care Studies)

Some universities outside the island may provide distance learning options which would enable you to study based in Guernsey. 

There are some funding options to study higher education based on the island On island higher education - financial support

A Careers Adviser can help!

You might want to explore your ideas more with a Careers Adviser and speak to them about what university would be like. Contact a Careers Adviser

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