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I want some information on careers I am interested in

A-Z of information

Use the A-Z Careers to help you find out useful information about your career ideas. You will find it useful to explore your career ideas and find out about:                                    

  • Work involved and different job roles
  • Skills and qualities you need
  • Qualifications and training
  • Employment opportunities
  • Other careers that are related
  • Useful websites and resources

This will help you think about your next steps and plans and also increase your awareness of other careers that might interest you.  

You can also use KUDOS to help generate some career ideas that match your interests. You will need to use your Log-in given to you by your Careers Teacher.

If you are not sure of your Log-in, ask your Careers Teacher or contact us.

Careers linked with subjects you enjoy

You can explore the subjects you are studying at school and find out more about careers linked with your interests and subjects you are good at. This can be a helpful starting point as you begin to find out more about the opportunities to use your skills and interests. Use the icould link in the Relevant links and information box on the right of this page.  

My Island & Beyond

You may want to find out whether the careers that interest you, are available in Guernsey/Alderney or whether you will need to consider opportunities outside the island. Learning about the local labour market helps you check how easy it might be to get a job and where you can work. You can use the Explore Careers resource to help you find out more about careers locally and beyond. 

The biannual Careers and Skills Show usually held either in December or March/April time, can help you find out more about employers and the different job roles they offer. You will get a chance to visit the Careers and Skills Show with your school as well as go along with your parents /friends in your own time.

Finding out about My Island - Labour market facts and figures will help you check how many people work in different sectors on the island.

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