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I don't know what I want to do

Don't worry!

Many young people at this age are unsure of what they want to do. There is a lot of choice out there and it can be difficult knowing what might suit you.

Explore your interests

A good place to start is to use find out some suggestions of careers that might suit you. You can use KUDOS to help you. 

You can create a profile of things you like and dislike, subjects and types of work which will help create a list of suggested careers for you. This gives you a good starting point to explore things more and feel more confident about what things might suit you.

You will need to use your KUDOS Log-in given to you by your Careers Teacher. KUDOS This link opens in a new browser window

If you are not sure of your Log-in, ask your Careers Teacher or contact us.

You can also think about the subjects you enjoy and which careers relate to these

Careers using subjects you like

Career Worlds - Explore your interests            

A Careers Adviser can help you!

You can speak with a Careers Adviser at school, or you can visit Careers Guernsey to meet up with a Careers Adviser.  Contact a Careers Adviser

A Careers Adviser can help you find out more about yourself, give you more confidence with your decisions, provide reliable and up to date information and help you feel more motivated towards your goal.

Find out more about how careers advice and guidance can help you. Benefits of careers advice and guidance

Unsure of your next steps? Chat with our team

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