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Full Time Courses 

On Island Post-16

Full time on island Post-16 courses are offered by the Guernsey College of Further Education, The Sixth Form Centre, Ladies College, Elizabeth College and Blanchelande College.

Courses offered by the Guernsey College of Further Education are vocational qualifications (job related) and cover a wide range of levels. The Sixth Form Centre offers A level and International Baccalaureate programmes and Ladies College, Elizabeth College and Blanchelande College all offer A levels. Before looking at courses in more depth, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different levels and what each qualification is worth or equivalent to. 

The chart here will help explain what the levels are: pdf icon Qualifications Explained [340kb]

There are entry requirements set for each level of course and you can find out more about these on this page

You can use the links on this page to visit the websites of all the providers who offer full time courses Post-16. 

Higher Education courses on island 

You can study higher education in Guernsey through options such as:

Open University
Open College of the Arts
The Guernsey Institute (Guernsey College of Further Education, The GTA University Centre, the Institute of Health and Social Care Studies)

You can use the links on this page to keep up to date with what courses are being offered at higher education level. 

Some universities outside the island may provide distance learning options which would enable you to study based in Guernsey. 

There are some funding options to study higher education based on the island On island higher education - financial support


Higher Education courses off Island

There are approximately 700 Guernsey students studying higher education off island. Although most students will attend university straight after 6th Form or College, some will choose to take up their studies later into adulthood as a mature student.

Going to university - finding out more

Parents guide to university

Mature students studying higher education

What is the cost of going to university for Guernsey students? 

The cost of going to university will depend on which course you choose and the level of student funding you are eligible for. 

Have a look at our quick guide to the costs of going to university pdf icon Guide to the cost of going to university [411kb]

You can use the Student Funding link on this page for further details. 

If you are considering self-funding full time study off island, you need to check the quality and the value of the course you are looking at. 


A Careers Adviser can help!

A Careers Adviser at Careers Guernsey will be happy to meet with you to guide you through the process of choosing the best course for you and we can also help you with your applications. Contact Us Here  to arrange a meeting. 

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