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What help can I get with study costs?

Student Funding

Financial support for Guernsey students comes in the form of a means tested Grants system. It is possible to get funding for courses at many different levels, for on island, off island and part time or full time. There is a set of criteria that must be met in order to get funding- this includes household income, but there are rules around your age, type and level of study and other personal circumstances. A full description of the rules and application process can be found at Student Funding 

You can also use the Quick guide to the costs in the Download section on this page to help you find out more. 


Bursaries from local employers and organisations are also available to provide financial support with study. Information about how to apply, how much the bursary award is for, criteria for applying is available in the Bursary 2024 download on this page to help you find out more. 

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