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I want to know about apprenticeships

What is an Apprenticeship? Apprenticeship hair show

An Apprenticeship means you are working for a company and being trained alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills.

You are an employee so this means you get paid a wage which usually increases as you work your way through your apprenticeship.

What does the training involve?

Training involves spending time away from the workplace, either at the College of Further Education or through other organised training. You will work towards recognised qualifications for that trade and it will take you between 3 and 5 years to complete an apprenticeship (the time it takes you depends on which trade you choose).

How do I know which trade to choose?

You need to find out which trade you are interested in and which one will suit you with your skills and interests.

If you are in Post-16 education, you will need to use the Log-in given to you by your Careers Teacher or Tutor. If you are not sure of your Log-in, ask your Careers Teacher or contact us.

You may have tried out a trade on work experience or in the College of FE Links course which can help you work out which trade is more suited to you.

Find out which trades are in the apprenticeship scheme

How do I find an Apprenticeship?

Once you know which trade you are aiming for, you need to find an employer who is willing to take you on as an apprentice.

You can check which employers are registered in the Apprenticeship Scheme by using the Apprenticeship lists in your school (ask your Careers Teacher) or by contacting the Apprenticeship Scheme Manager at the College of Further Education Tel: 737501 or apprenticeships@gcfe.net

You need to contact the employers directly either to check if they are interested in taking on an apprentice. You may need to send them a copy of your CV and a letter explaining your interest in the trade you have chosen. It can take a while to find an apprenticeship as not many get advertised so keep trying, even if the first employer you try is not offering an apprenticeship.

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