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I keep being turned down for jobs

Unsuccessful applications

If you keep being turned down for jobs you need to try and pinpoint where things are going wrong. If you rarely or never get to interview stage with your job applications, it could be because of one of two reasons.

Is the job a realistic choice for you?

If you are applying for jobs that require certain skills, qualifications or experience you need to question whether you meet the requirements. Although it is good to aim high, if you are missing a key part of what an employer is looking for then it will be very difficult to to get to interview. Compare your skills and qualifications honestly with the requirements of the job and see if you're lacking in a particular area. If you are, it may be possible for you to acquire what's missing in order to give yourself a fighting chance. Have a look through some of the other sections of this site for ways of gaining skills and qualifications.

Applications and CVs

If you are confident that you have the right skills, qualifications and experience for the job but still don't get to interview then you need to look at your applications. If most of the jobs you apply for have asked for a CV, this is the first thing to check. Have a look at the 'Writing a CV' guide in this section to check that what you are sending to employers shows you and your skills in the best light possible. You need to make sure that there is enough relevant information in the CV to enable the person selecting to make an informed decision about you. Some application forms invite you to give reasons why you are suitable for the job. Make sure you provide evidence to support your application- e.g. if communication skills are desired, then give specific examples of how you have used this skill in the past.

Unsuccessful interviews

If you are getting a reasonable ratio of interviews to applications but are not getting past the final stage, then you may not be coming across as well as you would want at interview. Sometimes you can be unfortunate and come up against strong competition, but If something is going wrong at interview it's important that you find out what it is. If you are not successful, try and get some feedback as to why you haven't got the job. Many companies will be happy to give you constructive feedback and this will help you to do better next time.

If you have not applied for a job for a while, you may just be rusty or lacking in confidence a little. Good preparation can help with this- go through some of the information on interview tips in this section.

If you feel you would benefit from speaking to a Careers Adviser about interview tips and techniques, then please contact us to arrange this.

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