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Schools and Post-16

Here are some great ways for schools/Post-16 to make a pledge to do one thing for National Careers Week in the Bailiwick! 

When is National Careers Week?

7th - 12th March 2022 


It's all about You... Taking control 
It's all about You... Believing in yourself
It's all about You... Exploring your options 

Social Media 


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Ideas for how to get involved 

  • Spark up a debate about 'work' Why do people work? How might work be different to being at school/Post-16? What is work and different types of work? Students could work in pairs or groups to prepare for a debate about 'work'

  • Careers display Have a Careers display set up in school. Students can help you with this and can be based on a theme e.g.  Sports careers; Careers beginning with a letter; Jobs you find in a hospital [other places]; Jobs using Artificial Intelligence; Jobs involved in a new mobile phone getting from nothing and on to the customer; Jobs predicted in the future; What are Green Jobs? 

  • Link subjects and careers Subject teachers/programme areas link their subject to careers to help inspire students about what might be possible and to motivate them with their learning. Students could work in pairs to prepare a presentation to the rest of the class and research their own information on careers using that subject. (Looking at your options) 

  • This is Me skills and self awareness Students profile their own skills and things they are good at (students could work in pairs to ask their partner what they think they are good at and they could also ask some of their teachers for feedback on what they think they are good at) What is important to them in life/their values and what do they want for their future? (Believing in yourself) 

  • Year 10 Work Related Learning offered in National Careers Week. Schools will be planning their work related learning offer for their Year 10 students so why not combine the two and run it during the 7th-12th March using some of the ideas on this page  

  • Become a Business for the day School/Year Group/Tutor Group 'becomes a business' for the day with students and staff taking different roles and finding out more about them along the way. You could even link up with a Guernsey business so they can help with the research and provide staff members who can talk about the work they do in their role

  • Guest speakers School celebrates diversity, inclusion, challenging stereotypes with guest speakers from across the community talking about their journey to their career. You could also tap in to your alumni who could get involved (Believing in yourself)   

  • Decision making Run sessions on decision making and what is important in different scenarios e.g. deciding on a new pair of trainers; deciding on options after Year 11 (Taking control) 

  • Lifelong learning Offering taster sessions and introductions to local options for lifelong learning. Case studies highlighting why people decided to develop their learning and any tips and advice; FAQ's from learning providers; funding options for learning (Exploring your options)

Scheduled events for National Careers Week 

Post-16 Networking Event Thursday 10th March
Post-16 students in the island are invited to meet with local employers and businesses to find out more about the work they do, different job roles, entry requirements and training opportunities. Check with your school careers teacher/co-ordinator who will be up to date with the plans for the event and to see if your students are getting involved. 

pdf icon A-Z list of employers attending the Networking event [108kb]

Higher Education Fair Tuesday 15th March
Post-16 students can meet with local and off-island Higher Education providers to find out more about their courses, entry requirements, student support, accommodation etc. Year 10 students are also invited along for a raising aspirations session. Check with your school careers teacher/co-ordinator who will be up to date with the plans for the event and to see if your students are getting involved. 

Links to Gatsby benchmarks 

Remember to think about the Gatsby benchmarks and how your pledge for National Careers Week can help demonstrate your commitment to delivering good careers education and guidance in your school/Post-16. 
pdf icon Gatsby Benchmark summary [31kb]

Resources you can use 

There are so many amazing resources for schools/Post-16 to use on the National Careers Week website. Just remember to use the #NCWGsy2022 to help us celebrate all that is happening locally! 

National Careers Week Planning and Printables  

National Careers Week Activities

Ideas for activities and resources included:
Careers sector word searches
5 Minutes of Positivity Dice Game 
Skills Builder Assemblies, short lessons and posters 
KS2 Who Can I Help? worksheets
Careers posters of terms and definitions used in careers e.g. What is an 'Employee'? 

Explore Careers on Careers Guernsey website 

If you need any advice and support to plan National Careers Week at your school/Post-16, then you can get in touch with us at careersguernsey@gov.gg and one of our team will be able to help you. 

Let us know what you have planned

We will be back in touch soon to find out more about what you have got planned for National Careers Week as we are aiming to publish a schedule to help celebrate all that is happening locally!




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