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Starting Out

Your first job after University is an important one, but you should be aware that it can sometimes take time for people to settle into what are truly 'Graduate' jobs. For some, the most important thing after finishing University will be the need to start earning money, whilst others will be looking to move into their chosen field straight away. If you are returning to Guernsey after University, the information below should help with job hunting. If you plan to stay in the UK, your University Careers Service will provide you with the relevant information you need.

The job market for graduates in Guernsey is relatively good . Although this is dominated by Financial and Business Services, there are many opportunities in other work sectors.

For employment purposes, your degree can be used in two main ways- either as a direct entry to a profession (sometimes this also requires post-graduate study) or through utilising the learning capabilities and transferable skills you will have demonstrated and developed during your course.

Use the points below to help plan your search for work.

  Be clear in your own mind about the sort of job you are looking for. Is this a first step on your career or a 'stop gap' job before you move on to something else?

  Create a positive and well presented CV that highlights your skills and qualities. See our CV Tips leaflet for help with this.

 Identify the most appropriate places to look for the job or career you are seeking. See Where do I look for a job? for help with this.

•  Tailor your application and CV to each position you apply for- it's important that you demonstrate an interest in and knowledge of the organisation you are applying to.

  Keep a note of applications you have sent and if you are unsuccessful, ask for feedback as to why.

  If you've been unsuccessful several times, contact a Careers Adviser for help.

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