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Work Experience placements

What is work experience? 

Work experience is an opportunity for students to spend time in a workplace instead of going to school/Post-16 lessons to find out more about different job roles, workplaces, culture of work and the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills for work. Work experience is one of the ways to support work related learning for students. 

Work experience is also an opportunity for employees to develop skills whilst supporting a student on placement and students can bring some fresh ideas to the team so that employers benefit too. 

What do I need to do next if I want to take a student on work experience? 

Contact our Employability team at careersguernsey@gov.gg who can help you get everything arranged. 

What age do students go out on work experience?

Some students are Year 11 (15-16 years old) although most are Year 12 (16-17 years old). Occasionally learners with specific requirements may be Year 10 (14-15 years old). 

How long is a work experience placement for? 

Placements are usually for a one week block (5 days) or one day a week over half a term (one day a week for 6 weeks).

Who organises work experience placements for students at school/Post-16?

GWEx (Guernsey Work Experience) based at Careers Guernsey is the central organiser of work experience placements for students and employers (in term time) using a database of employers who have signed up to provide work experience. GWEx use the student choices information from school/Post-16 to contact relevant employers to arrange the placements and provide the relevant paperwork.

GWEx visit employers who want to take students on a placement to ensure health and safety has been considered for the age and inexperience of the student. Processes are in place to ensure safeguarding and the employer, parents/carers and the student sign the placement agreement. During the placement, a teacher/lecturer will visit the student and employer to check how the placement is going. Following a placement, the student and employer are invited to provide feedback about the placement. 

What do employers need to have in place to take students on work experience?

Employers must have Employer and Public Liability Insurance. Copies of these documents will need to be provided to GWEx during their visit to an employer. There should be no additional costs to your insurance premium for taking a work experienc student.

Students will not be placed with solo workers and for some sector placements further checks and considerations will be needed. GWEx staff will guide you through anything that is needed and provide helpful paperwork for the placement. 

Are employers committed to taking a certain number of learners on work experience a year?

No, the efforts of employers to take a student on work experience are really appreciated and there is no commitment to take a student if it is a busy time, there are staff holidays or you are short staffed.

Students, teachers, parents/carers and GWEx are extremely grateful for the time and resources employers give to work experience to help support the future workforce. 

Do employers have to pay students whilst they are on work experience? 

No, students on work experience during term time organised through GWEx/College must not be paid as they are still in full time compulsory education and work experience is part of their learning. 

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