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How do I choose my Yr 9 options?

Choosing your GCSE options

It is important to choose subjects that will interest you and motivate you.  Spend some time thinking about what you enjoy doing, what keeps you interested and what makes you work hard. 

The most important subjects are the ones you have to study anyway so don't worry about missing out on the important ones for your future. Have a look at these reasons for choosing a subject to help you think about what to do:

Good reasons for choosing a subject                                                            

· You are good at the subject                                                                        
· You think you will enjoy the course
· It fits your career ideas and plans
· It goes well with your other choices
· It helps to give you plenty of choice after Year 11
· You think you might want to continue studying it after Year 11
· Your research shows that it will interest you and motivate you to learnHow to choose subjects

Bad reasons for choosing a subject

· Your friends have chosen it
· You think it will be easy
· You think it's a good option for a boy/girl
· Someone else thinks it is a good idea
· You like the teacher you have now
· You did not have time to research your options properly

What else do I get to do in Year 10 & 11?

You normally get the chance to do a one week  Work Experience Placement and you will still do PE/Games lessons. Some schools  offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award, project week, sports teams and performing arts.

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