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Working for Yourself

A great idea, hard work and a little luck are all factors that make a business a success. It also helps to have a positive mental attitude and to be a good communicator.

When considering a new business, the potential entrepreneur must consider a number of factors before committing too much time, effort and money to the project. You can get advice and guidance from Startup Guernsey which was set up in 1984, with the aim being to provide advice and assistance to anybody in Guernsey wishing to explore the possibilities of setting up a business on the Island. Startup Guernsey is funded primarily by the States of Guernsey but also generates income through sponsorship of its website which is designed to help people in business or getting started. Please see relevant links, 'Starting up your own business in Guernsey' on the right.

To gain experience on how to run a business it is a good idea to take part in Young Enterprise Guernsey. Students or achievers as they are called are guided and mentored by volunteer business advisors and given the opportunity to set up and run a company. To find out more click on the relevant link 'Guernsey Young Enterprise' on the right.


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