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Our Services

Career Information and Advice

Providing up to date information and advice on employment, education and training opportunities to all sectors of the community. We provide this through our website accessible anytime, anywhere and provided by experienced Careers Advisers and staff.

Career Guidance

Impartial career guidance enabling people of all ages to find out more about themselves, their motivation and career planning needs, delivered by professionally trained Careers Advisers.

GWEx (Guernsey Work Experience)

Co-ordinating the work experience programme for schools/Post-16 and employers to support work related learning in the curriculum.


Working in partnership with schools/Post-16 and other organisations to provide a planned careers support programme to meet the needs of individuals.


Organising Work Related Learning events and the annual Higher Education Event to showcase opportunities and increase awareness.

Advisory Support

Providing advice to help support policy and strategy that will impact on an individual's career planning and development.

Employer engagement

Co-ordinating Work Related Learning for schools/Post-16 and employers, to support employer delivery in the curriculum.

Labour Market Information

Collating, analysing and reporting the annual school leaver and graduate destinations to provide an accurate picture of education, employment and training opportunities and trends. Producing labour market information to increase awareness and understanding of local opportunities.

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