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Part Time Courses

On Island

There are many part time courses available on island, from basic skills through to post-graduate degrees.

The College of Further Education has a range of part time courses and workshops and also runs an Adult Education programme with study taking place in the daytime and evenings. 

The Workers Education Association also run part time courses. WEA

You can check the range of their courses here College of FE website

The Guernsey Training Agency (GTA) provides seminars, short courses in advanced training and Higher Education on a part time basis.

See the GTA website for details of all courses on offer.

There are other private providers of part time courses on the island.

Work Based Learning

For some part time courses, there is a need to be directly involved in the work the course relates to as theory needs to be applied to practice. Courses include the apprenticeship scheme, those offered by the Institute of Health, (mainly Nursing and Social Work) on island post-graduate teacher training, plus some other courses offered by the GTA and private providers.

Check the Institute of Health and Social Care website for more details about work based Health and Social Care studies.

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